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Our English schools in Orlando, FL and Windermere, FL in the USA offer a variety of English courses. Book the best English course in Orlando with us. Modern school, expert and friendly English teachers.

Our Courses

Our Courses
The Ideal Program uses the General English course. The General English course has 8 levels that focus on improving conversation skills. Each level takes 16 weeks to complete. Students will take a placement test to determine which level they will enroll in. The progress of the student will be evaluated throughout each level and there is an exam at the end of each level that will determine their advancement.

Our courses focus on speaking and listening: You will learn a new language just like you learned your native/first language – in a very natural way

Small groups: You learn and practice English with other students that are the same level as you. Small groups offer high interaction with your classmates and instructor. You start conversing in English with various people from the very beginning.

Private classes: You practice your speaking skills in a one-on-one setting and have the full attention of your instructor to help reach your goals quickly. Because the class is customized according to your personal needs, private classes are the fastest way to learn English.

To match the needs of our students, we also offer customized courses such as English for Business, Speaking in English, English for Work, English for Academic Purposes and Test Preparation.

If the students are not happy with their placement or service, they may place a formal complaint with the Administrative Assistant or School Coordinator who will provide them with the necessary service.
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Which English Course is best for you?

Our courses are open to local residents, as well as to tourists who want to study English during their vacation stay.

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What English Programs do we offer?

  • Intensive English (Pending Approval).
    F-1 Visa International Students.
    Monday-Thursday: 18 Hours/Week.
  • Semi-Intensive English.
    Local Residents/Tourists.
    Monday-Thursday: 8 Hours/Week.

Our English Programs

Learning Levels:

Learn english basic level

Basic levels (A & B):

Students at the end of the level will be able to understand and use most frequently basic expressions to communicate topics about personal information, shopping, health, places and work. They will be able to communicate in simple and direct statements. They will be able to introduce themselves and have a short conversation by answering simple question or making simple questions. They will understand everyday expressions and identify some idioms. They will be able to interact in a simple way.

Learn english intermediate level

Intermediate levels (C & D):

Students at the end of the level will be able to understand and use more complex expressions. They will understand complex text and share ideas and information on both concrete and abstract topics. They will interact with certain fluency. They will be able to deal with different situations or communicate their opinions on a wide range of topics. They will be able to describe experiences, events with details.

Learn english advanced level

Advanced levels (E & F):

Students at the end of the level will be able to easily understand most contexts. They summarize and reconstruct texts. They will recognize implicit meanings. They will express themselves fluently. They will use appropriate language for social, academic and professional purposes. They will show control of patterns and produce clear, well-structured communication.

Frequently Asked Questions:

01 What are the hours of classes?

  • We offer classes in the morning and night shifts.
  • Classes in the morning shift are from 9am to 10:50am and in the evening shift from 7pm to 8:50pm from Monday to Thursday.
  • The student can choose whether to study 2 days a week or 4 days a week.

02 When can i start studying English?

  • You can start every week.

03 Is a placement test done before starting to study?

  • Yes, all students take a placement test with the Academic Director before starting to study English to know which class/level they will enter.

04 Do we receive a certificate at the end of the course?

  • Yes, at the end of each level, students receive a certificate of completion.

05 What is Ideal English's methodology?

  • Our methodology is focused on conversation and our students learn to speak and understand English faster by practicing speaking in the classroom.

Do you have an urgency to learn English?

Ideal English School has adaptive and dynamic classes. These classes will not only help improve your English skills, but also increase your opportunities in the United States. After all, being able to communicate is an even better way to increase your chances of living the American dream.

Our English Programs include:

Our English Classes includes Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing and also Life Skills.

Learn English in a fun interactive way.

Classes will start with music or a digital game as a warm up to review the lessons content. We want our students to have “the joy of being an eternal learner”. So, in addition to dynamic and fun classes, the atmosphere will always be welcoming and cheerful.

We believe that the students will sign up for the Ideal English School because they don’t have a lot of time to study. To help them with their routine we offer programs of 4 and 8 hours a week. The student is also able to take private classes with a flexible schedule.

We will teach our students to think in English. Most schools teach grammar which makes the students concerned with the structure of the language and prevents them from speaking naturally. We challenge our students to THINK IN ENGLISH and therefore to COMMUNICATE IN ENGLISH. Our method is focused on speaking and listening.

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Who we are?

Who we are?
Grupo Ideal Trends

The Ideal English School arose from the need to create an English school that was flexible to the needs of both local students and tourists. The school is designed for students who want to improve their communication skills and fluency in English in a fun way through highly effective content and material.

The school offers different schedules students can choose from depending on their availability and needs. The students can study from as little as two times a week to as much as four times a week.

The staff provides great customer service to attend students’ personal and academic needs.

We are just a few miles away from tourist attractions such as Universal Studios, Sea World and Walt Disney World, as well as major companies, shopping centers, outlet malls, restaurants, and other exciting activities.

Thank you for taking the time to read about us. We look forward to helping you achieve the American dream.

At Ideal English School you will be able to improve your fluency quickly and naturally.

José Paulo

Our Founder
Grupo Ideal Trends

Production Engineer with MBA in Marketing, Sales and Digital Business, Master and Doctor in Business Administration and Post-Doctor in International Relations from FCU/USA.


Our Mission

The mission of Ideal English Schools is to improve students’ lives by helping them become global citizens with a focus on the continuous improvement of language skills in English.

Our Vision

We want to offer flexible programs to students who desire to learn English in an environment that allows them to communicate efficiently through social interaction and cultural experiences. The school is passionate about making a difference in the lives of students through global and technological experiences.

Our Values

Education, flexibility, ideal service, respect and constant update are values to lead students to succeed with honesty, integrity and transparency.

Study at the best location, we have schools in Orlando, FL and Windermere, FL.
Ideal English School aims to teach English and help you to reach your educational, professional or personal goals.
Only Ideal English School students have a choice like this:
  • Courses focused on speaking and listening.
  • Free parking, free Wi-Fi and complimentary coffee break area.
  • Modern technology in each classroom.
  • Experienced teachers with native fluency.
  • Flexible schedule.
  • Free extra-curricular activities.
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